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Strategic Boosters is a system 

for empowering teachers,

engaging volunteers, and enriching lives

through a thriving booster club 

"I consider the knowledge and guidance received from David’s clinics, books, and one-on-one consults to be a fundamental part of my success as a band director and leader. He has a unique desire and ability to share information and materials that are instantly useful to any director or music program." 

 -Ed Protzman, Director of Bands, William Mason HS, OH


Professional Development, Conferences, and Strategic Booster Institutes


Customized 1:1 Coaching with Teachers, Executive Boards, and Booster Clubs


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My mission is to make your job easier!

I've spent my entire career as a teacher and arts administrator passionately working to provide amazing experiences for students. As a young director of bands, I had great students and a dedicated booster team of about 10 people. But it seemed like there was always too much work and never enough time. I NEEDED HELP!

As a team, we launched into a journey that ultimately became the STRATEGIC BOOSTERS SYSTEM®. It was created and time-tested by REAL teachers and REAL parent boosters...just like you who desired to provide a thriving program for their students.  

For the past fifteen years, I have had the joy of sharing the system with teachers and booster clubs all across the country. The resources are available now to HELP YOU TURN YOUR POTENTIAL INTO PERFORMANCE!

Too Much Work? Not Enough Time? 

Do You Need Help?   More Money?


Strategic Boosters® Workshops 

provide the help YOU need! 

• Strategic Planning

• Strategic Community of Volunteers

• Strategic Business Blueprints

• Strategic  Compliance

• Strategic Fundraising

• Strategic Communication


Resources to help you THRIVE!

Professional Development Workshops

1:1 Coaching for Directors & Exec Boards

Boosters to the Rescue

Strategic Boosters Academy Online Course

Strategic Plans for a Successful Booster Club

Workshop Training Materials

Free Content Blog

FB Live Sessions 


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Online Training for Booster Clubs and the People Who Lead Them


Dr. Vandewalker's Six-Step System: Strategic Boosters is now available for you and your booster organization.

Each Volume includes:

Video Lessons &

Guidebook Downloads   

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